Season Backwards Acer- Gardening Bench

It’s spring and this Acer is leafing now in a gorgeous bronze color….looks like the height of Autumn in USA HOWEVER this little beauty will go from orange to yellow to a bright GREEN as the summer comes- wild but is is a gorgeous thingSo Gardening is on my mind as I wait for the warm weather here in Ireland BUT you lads in Ohio are hopefully thinking Spring too.  We have a solid cedar table/bench that will make a fantastic garden/potting shed- call us on May 1st if interested…if you are local -The table is available right now and we can have this table delivered for an additional fee.  the bench costs $325.00

As I said solid cedar- sealed with multiple layers of polyurethane- made on a Vintage cast iron treadle sewing machine base


This is a piece of cast iron taken from the side of a very elaborate cast iron fireplace.  It has been painted-as you can see it is a basket of fruit but if you look closely here – you can sort of see what might happen when this piece was attached to the lower side of the fireplace and a light hit it just right……the shadow on the wall actually looked like a dragon! The basket – resting on the table in this shot- was the head.

Victorian craftsmen were noted for their highly detailed and skilled work…but also for a bit of whimsy on the side/  LOL

Editing outage-

So sorry to say I have failed to understand and complete major editing on a new website.  I will probably have to find a website editor to help me in May so now have returned to the older web themeNo matter, just have to wait till I get the assistance of a more technical person than myself.


The Gate is now complete after three trips for wood, one for slate, another for hardware,etc…anyway I think it is fantastic.  This gate allows free passage between the shared gardens but also allows us to contain small grandchildren when needed.

John matched to house entryway with a small Japanese style pagota roof- tiled with black slate and the top trimmed with a lead topper- a very Irish style item.  The door looks like a farm/barn door and the hardware I have just fallen in love with….Let me know what you think in the comment section at the end of the post.

Been raining for weeks and weeks hope to get into the gardens soon…the weeds….

Roof on Gate- Slate & Lead

Pillers now added and a new black slate roof applied.  The top is made from a roll  of lead that is used in Ireland on roofs and window ledges John sculpted it for the final finish to the roof I find it looks lovely.  A gate will be added sometime in the future to keep kids in their own yard. smile


We are in the process of upgrading our website/blog- looking forward to working a new brighter and more modern site – any ideas or suggestions appreciated- thanks Dee



by the way-in IRELAND- opening two houses into one property- shared gardens- need to take down section of garden wall – men at work!


Here are some items we have put in our store in Wexford, Ireland- looking for items to bring back to Ohio- if anyone has a request or suggestion feel free to let us know