Dee has been a researcher most of her working life- mainly as a Legal Nurse Consultant and after retirement, her love of genealogy became the main focus.

As an Irish and American citizen, Dee has studied genealogy for over 10 years-both with her own family and dozens of people in both Ireland and America looking for their family connections. So whether you're an American looking for Irish roots or an Irishmen trying to locate a family connection in America- Dee can help!

Not only is she passionate about Irish-American genealogy (and vice versa), she enjoys the hunt that provides her with the ability to connect people with their lost family.

Extensive Reports

Written reports include all of the sources researched, thorough analysis, family-match results, documentation (both positive & negative) as well as suggestions for continued research.

Family Trees

Framed or fit to frame! Family trees are a precious way to preserve your personal history. Our software has a few options for design, so please contact us for more information.

Photo Specialized Items

This can include pictures of old homes and emailed or printed and provided through postal services. Fees range on an individual basis. Contact Dee for a personal estimate.

Costs for Genealogy Services

We charge $25/hr +expenses for research. Expenses for research include but are not limited to: reviewing information, planning, research, analysis, and written reports.

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