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INSPIRED BY VICTORIAN JEWELRY! Would you wear the pendant?

This gorgeous piece of Victorian jewelry would have been seen at the Downton Abby dinner table. Double swags with a drop jewel train. I had to look up what they meant by sway in this piece of jewelry. Swag is described as a hanging droop. So you can see the swag coming off the two pearl and amethyst jewels on the side.

Now look at this 1898 Victorian tile. Remind you of anything?
I love this tile! You can see the swags and the fine gold chain of the pendant. This tile has been framed as wall art but the tile could be removed and placed anywhere. The tile was in an old fireplace in Dublin, Ireland and you can see the fine crackling the heat caused in the tile…truly a one of a kind piece. The picture doesn’t capture the fine lines or the element of the side pieces…Come to our shop in Ohio. Use our contact form. We would be happy to show you this gem.
At #redesignantiquesstudio we are always on the look out for unique, special items. We don’t think you would find this tile any where else!

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