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I love the old fireplace tiles we have – antiques from the late 1800s & early 1900s. John took these from old cast iron fireplaces when he had a fireplace & antique store in Dublin. We offer some of those antiques for sale here and in Ireland.

I have copied an article from the Minton Archives which explains this tile glaze so loved by the Victorians. One framed set we have are the real green majolica that was so loved by the Victorians.

“Claire Blakey, former curator at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
Minton Majolica: A Visual Feast of Victorian Opulence
Claire Blakey · 4 minute read

The Minton factory was the shining nineteenth century example of art uniting with industry, combining an investment in design alongside the development of pioneering ceramic technology. Nowhere was this more apparent than in its development of majolica glazes. Showcased at the Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace, London, these colourful and exuberant wares influenced production in the Potteries and beyond. The design process behind them is an illuminating story, giving us a glimpse into how the factory operated. The Archive allows us to expand this story further, and to view the original designs first hand.

Majolica is the term used to describe pottery made of an earthenware body coated with semi-translucent coloured lead glazes. It was developed at the Minton factory in the late 1840s by Léon Arnoux, who had come to the Potteries in 1848 seeking employment. Arnoux came from a French pottery family, and trained at Sèvres as an artist, designer and modeller. He went on to manage his father’s pottery factory in Toulouse.”

The Dunhill framed set we have are the real green majolica that was quite popular at that time

You can see the provenance of this tile set by examining the back of the tiles the tile pictured is from the Craven Dunhill pottery. The soot tells you this pretty little thing once was displayed in an old cast iron fireplace in Ireland!

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