Well, we are back in Ireland, Oylegate, County Wexford in the sunny south east of Ireland. We are about a 2 hr drive south of Dublin.

I’m in the midst of organizing our tiny house cottage and trying to get the shop set up. It is winter here in Ireland and so it is usually rainy when warm 40 to 50 degrees F; or damp cold windy cold when it is in the 30s. But on the good side there is NO snow. Again , I have only seen snow here once in about 9 years I have lived here.

Tonite, I started organizing our Facebook page and Etsy shop. The brand name here is Period Pieces Design; we are the Irish shop of Redesign Antiques. I don’t have a website over here, I will continue to use Redesign Antiques as the website for all. The link to our Facebook page https//www.facebook.com/PeriodpiecesDesign/


John had loved these old sewing machine projects when we found them in the US. Actually he made 16 different items and we have sold all but four now. He was over the moon { as they say here} When he found three old Singer sewing machines here in Ireland a couple a years ago. This is the one we still have.

While I am over here, I plan to share with you what we are doing here. I still have some posts on the Ohio shop, but the main focus will be Ireland for a bit of time. Hope you will enjoy the change of pace and the new projects and places we get into

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