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Finbar Furey is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, storyteller, actor, and a member of the renowned Furey family of musicians.
Always at the forefront of musical change, Finbar’s successful career and extensive touring all over the world with his brothers introduced a whole new audience to their music and instruments.
After thirty years touring with the band, Finbar embarked on a solo career to pursue a new life as a singer, writer and producer.
Now in his 70th year, Finbar is releasing a new album, ‘Paddy Dear’, featuring ten original songs, as he embarks on a countrywide tour of Ireland, and looks forward to composing music for a new film in LA in 2017.TAKEN FROM his website

I tried to post a utube video called the boatman but wordpress would not allow but here is link…go listen form some real Irihs music


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