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whisteria cottage wall
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Ideas, decor, and inspiration from our garden in Ohio and our garden in Ireland.

    A few day ago I posted following a trip to our favorite Picker or antique dealer here in Wexford Ireland.  Pat Reville. John sanded down two pieces from this stash The gorgeous dark purple-black mahogany sanded out to show a deep rich color of the old world Brazillian and Columbian mahoganies. By the time he completed the sanded off of the […]
  • Decor Design 2018: Whats in What out Really? Part One- Kitchen Counter Tops
    I think the January organize and clean push has abated.  I, for one, am glad to see that go…I don’t start that nonsense until March when I get the Spring clean bug.   Lately, I’ve been reading the internet decor sites proclaiming whats new in decor for 2018.  HomeAdvisor recently posted the question – Was granite going out […]
  • Today I posted an item for over gulp….. $1,000.00
    This is a rare Minton Chica works tile.  We have ten.  In the European cast iron fireplaces, the sides of each were lined with 5 tiles of a pretty pattern. I suppose you would have to be a collector to understand why these tiles are collector items and maybe someone from the East Coast of the USA familiar with the Victorian house of yore to […]
  • Chandeliers
    I love crystal chandeliers and the great thing about them as they are found in ALL decor styles.  When we had the kitchen makeover last year ( I’ll post on that later) we put in a new kitchen..kind of. The condo was very dark with oak cabinets, oak trim, oak flooring and one small window over the sink.  To brighten the walls, we got new […]
  • Tree Branch Animal Doodles
    Three or four years ago, I got a tin box of cookies for a Christmas present. A squarish tin of a red and green plaid with a fantasized deer on the cover. I loved it. All the swirls in the deer and in the deer antlers were raised and I delighted in the feel of it. Every time I got a cookie, I would trace the whirls with my finger. Well, we ate all […]
  • WHIMSY Pebble Art
    Still In Ireland where I have learned a new technique…art form…Pebble art. The really is a lot of this on the internet, which gave me the inspiration to do the same. It is very relaxing but requires a bit more thinking that I assumed when I first saw a few pieces in an art store. I had a ton of fun going to the local beaches to get […]
    The painter has come to correct my color faux-pas. The gallery wall’s dark gray has been changed to a creamy white. We have to wait for the paint to cure before we can hang any items. I am constrained a bit by the hangers on the wall now. You can see them in the new pix. We had a large heavy clipper ship on the wall. An oil by H Meyer, A […]
    We all make mistakes when decorating …some worse than others. We redid our upper level in the condo this past summer. Added new paint: going to a more neutral palette of grays and grunge. Added white cabinets in the kitchen, some new furniture and did some rearranging. I loved the new gray walls and the white cabinets. For some contrast, I […]
    Got a few grapevine wreaths on sale. You know how you love something, buy it, but forget it was a once living thing. Dried flowers may dry our completely after a few years! Mine were so dry they shed flowers every time I dusted around them. So they needed replaced. When I had to remove the artwork off the walls, they got pitched. I thought I could […]
  • Ya Love Them Yea Yea Yea
    Fantastic vintage bomber jacket This jacket came from a very famous London England shop…height of fashion in the late 1960’s early 1970’s hip crowd! called PepeJean – Denim Deluxe. would have seen a lot of guys on Penny Lane with this Jacket UK Owner was from LIverpool but hardly ever wore this- he found it too warm- we […]
    Cross stitch by J is in the process of completing this wonderful lady. She has specilized in female figures in the past. She completed the Lavendar & Lace Seasonal Angle series by artist Marilyn Imblum a few years ago. Belw is the Spring angel which sold for $395 at that time What do you think of these creations? Her shop on Etsy is called […]
    Deciding to paint the upstairs of the Condo AND the ceilings has been one of the most work intensive projects and frustrating to date.  I suppose getting it all done at once now seems worth it but the process took two weeks of total disarray. But now to the good part! The condo was originally painted a white beige, we updated to todays grays and […]
    TREADLE SEWING MACHINE DRAWERS This is our last treadle sewing machine drawer set.  I think it is perfect for a Krubs coffee pod holder…but you may have a slew of other uses.This two drawer set is made of tiger oak with  a very rich veneer.  We added crystal pulls and it really makes a gorgeous statement on the counter. FIND ON OUR ETSY […]
  • condo redo cont-the kitchen
    Our kitchen was a fairly dark room. We only had the one window over the sink and the French doors onto the roofed sun room at the end of the eating area- so it was pretty dark. It all kind of blended into the oak before. We had oak cabinets, brown and gold granite, and oak floors. I can’t really believe what a difference going from the oak […]