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THE BELL AND LAMP …sounds like a pub but its a table

IMG_1008In Great Britain and Ireland they have named their pubs many different names and types of names. Wikipedia lists a plethora of names and headings for pubs- names for animals, royalty, animals. etc.

Also in Great Britain and Ireland, many pubs have tables made from a cast iron base in black and an oak top aged to dark browns by years of beers, drinks, and layers of varnish!IMG_1006

We have a new table for you.  Our cast iron and dark oak top pub table- but we are showing it as a lamp table or side table or even an entry table.

John took an vintage Singer sewing machine table..our last one! { John will be sad} and refurbished the base with a good cleaning, new paint- using the original design of adding gold paint to the Singer name and emblem! Giving it a  grand appearance.

He then made a table top and center drawer with solid oak wood, which he stained with his own mix, giving the table a rich walnut color.  Then he sealed it with multiple layers of polyurethane rubbed to a glass like finish.  The a cute little black knob to finish it off.


The tables measures 30 tall by 30wide and 16 in deep.  The treadle still moves and she sits on the original casters.  A neat and unique item for your home



Share this lovely piece with your friends and family.