I’m afraid I really don’t know what I am doing as a blogger…I loved reading blogs on home design and my partner John is a furniture maker and lover of antiques so it seemed like such a good idea to start one too. One year later, I am trying to redesign myself-ha didn’t realize the play o our name but it fits!
I started to get involved, not only with furniture, but with travel, art, gardens, genealogy, too many things maybe but that’s me so I will now blog on a bunch of stuff. i know that ALL books, tutorial, bloggers insist this is the WRONG thing to do…but I never was one for going with the flow.

So now we try blogging again…but I still have a ton of furniture so tell me what you like and why or not like

2 thoughts on “TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG…….

  1. Dee, you are a natural blogger, and you didn’t even know it! Blogging on tons of different topics is a great way to naturally build traffic to your site! Just make sure to use your tagging system on the right side of your post page! If you organize your blogs with keywords that directly reflect what you are writing about, you will be sure to build traffic for tons of different organic keywords!

    Don’t fret the learning curve, Dee, even the most talented of us started where you did!

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