With half of every year spent in Ireland and John hailing from the country, Irish art and culture have a huge impact on our design and our lives.

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    I usually spend the winters in Ireland to avoid the snows of Ohio.  Mind,  I was born and raised in upstate NY- Albany, so you would think the snow of Ohio wouldn’t bother me BUT as I have gotten older, shoveling, slip sliding away on the roads have become an extremely unpleasant experience and so I avoid as best I can. February first is the […]
    I love the old fireplace tiles we have – antiques from the late 1800s & early 1900s. John took these from old cast iron fireplaces when he had a fireplace & antique store in Dublin. We offer some of those antiques for sale here and in Ireland. I have copied an article from the Minton Archives which explains this tile glaze so loved […]
  • Today I posted an item for over gulp….. $1,000.00
    This is a rare Minton Chica works tile.  We have ten.  In the European cast iron fireplaces, the sides of each were lined with 5 tiles of a pretty pattern. I suppose you would have to be a collector to understand why these tiles are collector items and maybe someone from the East Coast of the USA familiar with the Victorian house of yore to […]
    You might call it Picking in the states but in Ireland, we go have a Root Around.  In order to create new pieces from old, John has to source antiques.  To go to buy a piece from an antique shop here would cost you an arm and a leg.  While “dark” furniture is out and antique wood furniture, in general, has lost market […]
    Ireland calls itself the land of saints and scholars.  Many categories come under scholars, including artists and writers.  As I travel looking for gates and doors to photograph, I have also taken a few pix of the roadway sculptures. I recently learned that Ireland has a law that took 1% of the cost of building a roadway and targeted for roadway […]