We had a bit of a windy weekend and thought the storms had past…there was no thunder, no lashing rain, no lightening. Got up in the morning and NO umbrella
After a bit of search around the yard, looked up and there she was – on the roof.

Because there was no high winds and rain that night..went to bed without closing the umbrella. We had no way of getting to the roof and besides, at our age climbing on a roof is not a good idea. The condo association couldn’t help, my sons were not here, sure didn’t want to call the TV company…the umbrella was near the satellite dish…. My son said he would come the next day if needed.

But as the day progressed, the gentle breezes moved the umbrella over to the TV dish and basically got trapped by it. I kept going to the TV to make sure the dish was working…what was the cost if that broke!?!
Anyway, finally after about three hours of watching, the wind move the damn thing around the dish, then, a big poof of wind and up she went.

Terrified the pole would crash into the windows as it fell, it landed on the ground below
Fantastic. Nothing busted, the tree was ok, TV working fine, no broken window,no falling for us from roof.

Grabbed that sucker and put in back onto the stand and really really tightened the screws on it..

Moral of the story…remember to keep checking the screws on that umbrella…smile

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